Hydro-Biontology Department

1. Hydro-Aromatherapy

The variations in temperature and water pressure as well as the addition of essential oils guarantees a fundamental benefit for capillary vessels and the peripheral circulation of blood.
BENEFITS: Hydrotherapy is especially indicated for the cardio-circulatory system, for the nervous system (relaxing), for cases of arthrosis, for organic detoxification and for the lymphatic circulation. It eliminates toxins and fats infiltrated into the tissues. It has a stimulating effect to tone muscles and tendons, to strengthen natural physiological functions and to combat and protect against damage caused by ageing.

2. Phyto-Mud Therapy

The smooth and pleasant-feeling mud used in the compresses is enriched with pure micro-algae, white or green clay, pure essential oils and mother tinctures.
BENEFITS: Eliminates stress and physical and mental tension, whether nervous or in the muscles. It acts on the lymphatic and blood circulation.
Tones up the tissue.

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